CBI introduces a new slogan to him
[Oan- Baghdad]
introduced the Central Bank of Iraq, a new slogan mimics the history of financial and policy implications of relying cash sober
He said the Information Office of the Central Bank of Iraq Acer's director Jabbar said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the introduction of the bank, a new slogan came up to date with ancient history, and its leading role in the monetary policy of the Iraqi state as well as its contribution to national development in accordance with the financial variables and economic in order to achieve financial stability sustainable
the mighty, that" the Bank has adopted the motto the map of Iraq, as the embodiment of national identity and to confirm the membership of the Iraqi state according to the instructions issued by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq
He said the bank may use [the logo] Icon of Maghazi several embodies a Coins cash Iraqi metal by devising the idea of Gears of them, and their memory of the Iraqis and the symbol of a clear monetary policy in the country while the counterpart of gearboxes indicate development in a clear reference to the role of the Iraqi Central Bank is expected in the revitalization of the Department of development projects across the country as well as for it reflects that of a firm position on the clear fiscal policy in Iraq
Jabbar added that the gears and Tnazerhma symbolic in two logo, emphasizes that they send a clear message to the role of the Central Bank of Iraq Kasb Prime important in the national economy pointing out that the color of significance that rely The central bank has been deduced from the smallest unit of color in the Iraqi currency in modern history a [penny]
He explained that the presence of the symbol [CBI] which is an acronym for [CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ] in the center of the map of Iraq is a sign that the Central Bank 's role includes all parts of Iraq from north to south and from east to west as the backbone of the national economy https://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=59977