Rafidain grant loans to doctors up to 75 million dinars


Economy News / Baghdad ...

Rafidain Bank, on Sunday decided to grant loans to doctors amounting to 75 million dinars, indicating that the loan term of five years, including a year grace.

The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement, "Economy News" received a copy of it that "the bank decided to grant loans to doctors, doctors, dental and veterinary pharmacists in addition to a slice ranging between 25-75 million dinars, according to certain conditions."

The following are the conditions for granting loans:

1. Loan of 25 million dinars to ensure the job and the clinic or pharmacy and to ensure that the sponsor and the guarantor did not he provide real estate support and then a treatment of mortgage employees.

2. The loan from 25 to 40 million dinars to ensure the job and the clinic or pharmacy with sureties number 2, and if this is not possible to provide real estate support and then a treatment of mortgage.

3. Loan from 40 and up to 75 million dinars to guarantee a real estate bond is the value of 20+ including at least 90 million dinars.

4. Must be the owner of the loan or clinic has a pharmacy with a vacation practice of doctors or pharmacists union in addition to the identity of the union renewed until 2017.

5. Rent a contract clinic or pharmacy.

6. To submit an inventory of materials in the clinic with a list of the needs of the clinic or pharmacy printed on the calculator.

7. Loan term of 5 years, including the year grace (ie pay for the first year of monthly interest only) and are paid monthly installments starting from the second year of the loan.

8. Cancel to determine the borrower to submit his application for a loan or facility through the branches within the geographical area and does nothing to prevent the introduction of any branch was within the same province.

9. If the loan repayment is delayed for the purpose of informing the union urged the borrower to repay before taking legal action to collect the debt in accordance with the law.

10. Orders from our branches to the General Administration / Department of Banking Credit / to consider applications with binders containing archives of identification to obtain legal approvals for the granting of the loan.

11. Inadmissibility of the transfer of ownership of the project from the borrower to third parties only after the payment of the borrower for the entire loan amount with interest.

12. Claim from the borrower (doctors and pharmacists) to provide a written pledge and be approved by the legal department of the General Administration or by the Rights Division at the offices of delegates.