Kurdistan presidency: the situation of the region was part of the axes Washington meetings
The head of the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, Fuad Hussein who represented the Kurdistan region in the meetings that were held in the White House and the international coalition against Daesh terrorist gangs in Washington, said that the meetings with the US President, Donald Trump and vice president and foreign minister addressed the the situation in Kurdistan
Hussein said in a press statement, The response did Donald Trump was friendly and the Foreign Minister at the White House was delighted to be involved as a representative of the Kurdistan region also he stressed in his speech."
And about the difference between the fourth Ministerial Conference of the International Coalition for the previous three sessions held during the reign of Barack Obama Hussain said I'm not with the comparison, but the situation has now entered into a new turning point
He said , " The conference discussed this time not to Daesh military presence in Iraq, and all parties spoke about the likelihood of a lack of survival Daesh in Mosul and tenderness as a military force, but as a terrorist it is not unlikely to remain the same name or other titles, and Aidulogith will continue to exist."
Hussain has held several meetings on the sidelines of the conference and was at the top of the agenda of the meetings the war against Daesh the *situation in the Kurdistan region and was part of the discussion of all meetings axes."
He denied President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan region the news talking about the establishment of a fund for oil revenues to Iraq* *and the Kurdistan region within the corridors of the White House* following up by saying , "I have participated in those meetings, were not addressed to this matter." https://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=59947