MPs sign the request to amend the general budget

3/26/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Omar Abdel-Latif
Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the existence of a request to amend the 2017 budget law, specifically article financial deductions for employees, retirees and installed 3.8 of their salaries, while a financial expert stressed that the general state budget law can not reconsider it, but the proposal of the Council of Ministers.

A member of the committee MP Masood Haider in an interview »Sabah», said members of the committee and other deputies of the Council signed the request to amend the 2017 budget law, specifically Article through which the deduction of 3.8 percent of the employees and the salaries of retirees to bring it back to them and raise the burden on their shoulders », saying« the possibility of discussing this request in the event of its inclusion on the agenda of the meetings agenda in accordance with the constitutional contexts and rules of procedure of Parliament ».

He explained Haider that « the Commission was based on that to developments in oil prices since the beginning of the year increase so far , ranging from 45 46 dollars after it had been proven in the budget at $ 42 per barrel», indicating that «this increase can cover the need material I went forth these deductions Kalhacd popular and displaced persons and the marshes and others. »

For his part, noted financial expert Samir Nasiri to the budget of 2017 approved by the House of Representatives approved materials within this withholding the salaries of employees and retirees increased by 3.8 percent.

He added Alnasiri, interview »morning», that «can not be re - cuts to salaries unless they are reconsidered article on the grounds that this article is the law basically», indicating that «reconsideration must be a proposal from the Council of Ministers sent to parliament for approval before him and otherwise can not make any modification to the budget. »

Under article 33 of the first Budget Law for the year 2017 on the deduction percentage (3.8 percent) of the total salaries and allowances for all state employees and public sector retirees and all meet the needs of the state of the popular crowd expenses and support for displaced persons and other expenses.