The start of the Arab League Council at the level of delegates in preparation for the summit meeting

By Omar Al Mansouri one hour ago

Roudao - Oman

kicked off on Saturday , the Dead Sea area (55 kilometers west of the Jordanian capital , Amman) Business Council of the League of Arab States at the level of permanent delegates, to prepare for a meeting of Arab foreign ministers preparatory scheduled on Monday for the Arab summit at its 28th, to be held on March 29 / March ongoing.

He said Mauritania 's ambassador to Egypt and its permanent representative of Arab States at the University of Dadi Ould Sidi prestige, who presided over his country 's 27th Arab summit, said that the occasion of the meetings of permanent delegates , headed by Jordan comes amid conditions and challenges in the Arab region, and requires us to work in order to achieve the ambitions and aspirations of our peoples legitimate Arab.

The delegate of Mauritania , Jordan 's ambassador to Egypt and its permanent representative at the Arab League Ambassador Ali Al Ayed called to assume the presidency of the session of the 28th Arab Summit.

For his part, Al - Ayed said in his speech that the summit hosted by Jordan held at a very sensitive time, and calls for finding work mechanisms to achieve the goals of the nation achieve security and stability.

He also spoke on Jordan 's support for the Palestinian cause and support peace negotiations and called for the support of the Libyan-Libyan dialogue, and in support of the legitimate Yemeni state, and stress that the Gulf initiative is the way to reach a solution to the crisis.
Also touched on the Syrian issue , saying "Jordan believes that a political solution is the only way capable of fulfilling the aspirations of the Syrian people and to preserve the unity of its territory and ensure the return of refugees hosted by his country, and estimated at some 1.8 million people, despite the difficult economic conditions. In

turn, Assistant Secretary - General for the affairs of the Arab national security , Arab League Ambassador Khalil Azwada stressed in his confidence that " the summit" will be an important stop joint Arab action.

Azwada added that the Council 's agenda includes a number of items, have been studied and prepared well, where coordination and cooperation on all the In preparation for holding the Arab foreign ministers and heads of delegations to be submitted to Arab leaders at the Arab summit to be held next Wednesday levels.

Discusses the Arab League Council at the level of permanent delegates (21 responsible), with the continued vacancy of Syria 's seat, thirty items dealing with various political, economic and social issues in the world Arab.

the meeting is held on the sidelines of a meeting of the follow - up to the implementation of decisions and commitments at the level of permanent delegates include this body Troika summit (Mauritania, Egypt and Jordan) and the Troika of the Arab League Council (Tunisia, Algeria and Djibouti).

Jordan will host the Arab summit next Wednesday in the Dead Sea area, after Yemen 's apology for that mid - October / last October; given field and the political situation.