Iraq: Ten pilots are trained to use aircraft of the F16 in Washington
26/05/2012 12:52
BAGHDAD / center news for the Iraqi Media Network - The leadership of the Iraqi Air Force Ten pilots are trained now to use aircraft of the F16 in the United States, according to the contract concluded between the Government of the two countries. The commander of the Iraqi Air Force Lt. Gen. pilot Anwar Hama Amin's (Center news Media Network Iraq) that "the ten Iraqi pilots are training now in the United States to lead the aircraft the F16 American-made according to the contract for the purchase of 18 aircraft." said Secretary that "the two pilots arrived at the stage lead aircraft of the F16". he said.and struck the Iraqi government signed a contract with the United States to supply Iraq with 18 aircraft F16 developed as part of rebuilding the air defense system in Iraq. The aircraft the F16 of the most combat aircraft developed in accordance with the content of the systems to track and monitor. and began to lead the Iraqi Air Force re-structure after 2003 after the import of aircraft of type (T-6) basic training dedicated to training pilots to use aircraft of the (F16), as well as import helicopters. The Iraqi Ministry of Defense has announced the September 2010 about the arrival of 11 aircraft of type (T-6) for basic training led by pilots Iraqis from the United States.