Form of financing

3/25/2017 0:00

Ahmed Sumaidei

To enable the Iraqi economy of the elements of integration to reach the results of the achievement of development and build a good economy commensurate with the stage through which Alarac.ulenaml to activate our capabilities to create greater funding for projects, strategic needs of this trend is clear thinking about the existence of outlets, so thoughts turned into a field and tangible reality.

Here must have the biggest role of economic experts in this vital aspect, where the need for concerted efforts of the private sector and the public to check out the results of the large economic feasibility of the country through the creation of a real great strategic projects on the ground.

We stand at the syndicated loan because it is one of the most important solutions that provide funding to start building an effective economy and economically meaningful.

Consolidated loans, means a number of financial institutions , loans gathered in one pot is a source of financing for large strategic projects achieved significant economic feasibility for all participants and for the country 's economy.

The subject of syndicated loan is vital and important and can be employed to create an effective economy because it sheds light on how to behave with money in the possession of private banks that enable them to solve the liquidity problem has by creating a general framework that regulates the release of those banks bundled loans.

As the syndicated loan experience for the adoption of development projects supported in all over the world , but they are missing in Iraq.

The role of these loans in the economic life must do, where they can create significant investment and implementation of strategic projects in Iraq, where several banks to meet capital and one managed by the Bank is elected and follows work by a specialized committee that it monitors the flow of money exchange accurately.

We must stand at a detailed syndicated loan for long and medium - term financing for development projects and the banking sector have a real role in the economic development process in Iraq.

Private banks are able to meet to finance a specific project through the granting of medium - term loans are important for projects in various cities of Iraq and defined contribution percentage of them, as well as being able to achieve an acceptable return it so that you can employ deposits to serve the national economy and create capital cycle on a high degree of interest for all parties.