Khalati: we are heading to the Federal Court that the government does not back down from the challenge in petro-dollars
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the province of Basra, Hassan Khalati, said Thursday that the deputy governors and others from the oil-producing provinces will go to the Federal Court that the government did not back down on the budget contained a paragraph stabbed to preserve entitlements of the petro-dollar. "
He said Khalati, told {Euphrates News} " The item that has been challenged, states that the Ministry of Finance 's commitment to issuing treasury bonds to the oil - producing provinces , natural gas, to compensate for their dues from the petro - dollar , " noting that the province of Basra , "owed dues to the federal government did not It paid years ago. "
He explained, "There was a meeting with the prime minister by the deputies of Basra and in the presence of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives At this meeting it was agreed that this item essential in the budget and is not challenged, because in the original {provincial Law 21 law} speaks 5 dollars for each barrel in the budgets of 2016 and 2017 turned to 5% has been agreed on the survival of this ratio, compared to treasury bonds give because we have many projects Off. "
The MP for the province of Basra, Hassan Khalati, "We have asked the prime minister said there will be no appeal against this item, and what is surprising appeal set items including this item , " noting , "We went representatives of Basra , the Federal Court and offered what was agreed upon , and it has not been decided distance".
He added, " The move on it will be two - way, first go to the government and return to the agreement signed with it to withdraw its appeal as our projects and we voted on the budget in accordance with this condition is the existence of the item and do not attack him , " pointing " and the second direction is the direction of the Federal Court as it should be to take into account the benefits of this province , which gives all the provincial budget. "
The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, presented an appeal to the Federal Court, more than 15 articles of the terms of the federal budget for 2017 Act, includes deductions of employees ' salaries and loans of farmers and install contract employees.
For his part , said the legal committee member of the parliamentary honest frankincense, in this March 14, for {Euphrates News} that the House would bring a lawsuit to challenge the government 's decision on the appeal in the material balance of the year 2017, noting that the Finance Committee approved these paragraphs in the budget for the benefit of the citizen , so this paragraph deductions for government salaries Qlltha because there is a need to meet the needs of the citizen to have 5 million salary earners.
As called for Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, in the March 15, Abbadi an open session of the parliament and direct dialogue on the doors of the financial budget for the exchange in 2017 after accusations of corruption yesterday