Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced the shift towards e-government this year Economy News / Baghdad ...
Last updated 23/03/2017
- 6:02
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Wednesday, for the implementation of e-government to embrace the current year as indicated to the Commission that the e-Governance project is one of the sovereign projects

The secretary general of the Council Mahdi Keywords in a press conference attended by "Economy News" on the sidelines of the meeting held by the Committee on e-Governance The Secretariat will start the implementation of the shift towards e-government whether between departments or key ministries to communicate them electronically hoping to achieve 80 % of these steps during the current year

He added Keywords that "e-governance committee held a meeting today to study the latest of the creation of infrastructure for the gradual shift towards e-government

For his part, he said committee member Amir al-Bayati said, the project is one of the sovereign projects and infrastructure in the Ministry of Communications pointing out that* *the ministry began linking the sites of ministries* *General Secretariat as a first stage as will link ministries and formations centers in Baghdad and the provinces as a second stage

He said al-Bayati said The project needs to educate employees and citizens because it provides service to the citizen and will turn deal with the government through this project through special state portals