The withdrawal of the hands and punish the 68 employees at 7 border ports in Basra and why?

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BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:
detecting early Thursday source, it was withdrawn the hands of 68 employees in seven border ports in Basra province, indicating that this was due to the presence of large differences in customs fees.

The source for "tomorrow 's Press," that "based on the instructions issued by the Office of the Prime Minister, included scrutiny of customs duties completed at border crossing points files, showing the existence of significant differences have been identified for negligence and pull their hands from working until the completion of the investigation."

He added that sanctions were distributed among the ports as follows: Um port north palace 16 employees, or port Southern Palace 11 employees, Zorbatih port 10 employees. "

The source pointed out that" it was punishing seven employees in the yellowish customs points, and 13 employees in Shalamcheh port, and 5 staff port graying, plus 6 staff in the port Safwan. "

It is said that the head of the integrity Committee in the province of Basra , Mohammed al - Mansoori stressed, earlier, that the border crossings in the province are not worthy of Iraq, while noting that financial corruption caused the chaos and lack of regulation in the work of those ports.