Central Bank: 10 ministries submitted a request to transfer their employees' salaries to the system "Ironing Card"

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BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:
CBI revealed, on Thursday, for the application of the 10 ministries to "localize" their employees ' salaries, stressing that he was chosen specific banks to participate in this project.

The director of the Department of payments at the CBI sacrificed Abdul Karim for "tomorrow Press", " The Council of Ministers called for the settlement of employees ' salaries on the recommendation of the Central Bank , " indicating that " the resettlement of salaries project is intended to distribute salaries of state employees through electronic card."

She added, " The localization of salaries of state employees have positive effects of the project , as it will reduce the financial losses of the ministries as well as maintaining the employees ' salaries from theft and loss not to mention speed up the distribution of salaries and not to delay and organization."

Abdul Karim confirmed that " the central bank chose a number of government and private banks for the project of resettlement , " indicating that " the selection process was in accordance with the standards set by the Central Bank for banks , " pointing out that " the bank did not distinguish between a government or my family bank in the project resettlement and leave it to the ministries in choose any bank finds appropriate for themselves the banks that have been identified and look at the privileges of each bank. "