Economic loans: the situation is "negative" and holds the future generations a large burden of debt repayment

23/03/2017 10:54 | Number of readings:

Direction Press / Special

A member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib, on Thursday, that the loans granted to Iraq is a "negative" given the size of interest, which carries the future generations a heavy burden of debt repayment.

Najib said in an interview with "Trend Press" explained that the loans exceeded 100 billion dollars are classified to first: debt owed to Iraq under the former regime is estimated at% $ billion dollars and the second: loans from 2004 - 2014 was within the operating budget, indicating that in the year 2014 Iraq saw the war on the dodgy and lack of oil revenues and forced Iraq to borrow in 2017 internally and externally estimated at more than 22 trillion dinars, some of which went to cover the deficit.

She added: "With regard to investment loans is a good thing because of the availability of employment and low interest and provide a service that the state can not provide at the moment, noting that the operational loans will be a burden on the state.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has borrowed from the International Monetary Fund and others $ 100 billion to meet the deficit in the general budget, including operational and investment.