Abadi from Washington: Daesh's face in the closing stages to Iraq

5 hours ago Last updated 06:57 PM

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:
, he stressed the Prime Minister, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Haider al - Abadi, said Wednesday that Iraqi forces face Daesh in the closing stages, while noting that the Authority popular crowd passed by the Parliament Act puts his fighters under the leadership of the state and apply to them the Iraqi military regimes .

Ebadi said in a speech during an external international coalition ministers held in the Washington meeting, followed up "tomorrow Press", " The joint Iraqi forces are fighting side by side in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul, noting that" Iraq faces Daesh in the final stages. "

Concerning the crowd Act PDF, Abadi pointed out that "there are volunteers from the Iraqi people took part in the fighting of the various provinces under the leadership of our security forces to expel Aldoaash , " pointing out that " the Iraqi Council of Representatives by the legislation of the popular crowd , which puts him under the leadership of State and commander in chief of the armed forces Act and apply the Iraqi military regimes. "

He added that" there may be incorporated into politics the military aspect and this is important because we are embarking on a local and parliamentary elections should not be political groups take up arms to enter the elections , "stressing the need to " separate the weapon from political action may not be to have any weapons outside the framework of the state. "

He added that" according to the Iraqi constitution does not exist any armed groups outside the state , "stressing that" those who carry weapons outside the framework of the state are considered outlaws and will face them. "

He pointed Abadi , that" the popular crowd Act comes those who fought with courage and valor and sacrificed themselves in order to defend the Iraqis to be part of this system under the Iraqi leadership. "