Abadi in front of reform .. Umm change?

By: Salah Shamshir Al Badri - 22-03-2017 |

Voice of Iraq

With the approaching announcement of the end of the battle in Iraq with an urgent ending, there is a regional movement offset by the mobility of the politicians of Iraq with them, but within teams distributed here and there and new programs in the changing policy according to events, we will see new players on the scene, and others waiting for their fate between the withdrawal or withdrawal,

The American president is clear in his statements and not as his predecessor, Obama, and the Turkish situation of concern with the European Union, which seems to be moving away from the dream of joining after the stifling of positions, and what is happening, will affect negatively or positively. ,

And the Russian-US understandings in Syria, which worries the Gulf countries before Iran despite the assurances, are all questions raised, and the task is very difficult for Abadi in dealing with all these parties, to satisfy one without prejudice to the feelings of the policy of the other partners.

With the Obama to convince Trump, the Iraqi parties began their indirect campaign through media means and visits of field leaders to know the geographic map of the homeland through the target citizen to gain his voice, and the lineup will be revealed days, in addition to the divisions of the parties and fission, and remains the next prime minister's news

And the signing of a new contract for the return of US forces, the holding of elections and the change of time, and the most difficult task to identify and reduce the relationship with neighboring Iran and expand with the Gulf States , Which puts the pressure on Abadi at home by the partners of the political process in the National Alliance will be on the most, in return there will be support from the Kurdish parties in addition to the shy admission divided by the Union of Forces,

and the coming days will witness a media battle against Abadi after his statement from the White House on his position of the crowd With the end of his mission with the end of the battles against the Daqash and the laying down of weapons, Trump and Abadi's statements ended in the White House, to begin their repercussions and effects before the return of the latter to the country, and since the means are all available in the world of politics, and the impact of Mikafili on politicians is the basis from which they proceed, Change and Reform