To save yourself some time energy and peace at mind...PLEASE do not feed into these radical so called GURUS!!! What they are telling people is absurd and right out ridiculous...There is 2 Intel providers I will read into and listen to take the time to process what they provide as far as Intel on the Dinar and that is Poppy3 and BGG!!! That's it!!! Listen to these 2 they know what is going on and will not steer you into a dark hallway with no end...Also read into the news articles take info from Iraqi news for what its worth and move on...We are very close people very close...Like I said listen to BGG & Poppy3 they are steering you and us in the right direction... Just know we are close this could happen at anytime once the GOI is settled and in place and all parties on the same page it will happen...Thanks CC

PS...Stop feeding into these so called GURUS!!! & God Bless you all.... CC