Customs announces the opening near the port or East Palace to receive commercial vessels

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The General Administration of Customs, on Wednesday, for the opening near the port of Umm Qasr East by four berths to receive commercial vessels, while confirming that the financial revenue for the month of February amounted to more than 101 billion dinars, an increase of 58 billion dinars compared with the same month last year.

The Director General of the General Customs Authority Kazim Ali in a press statement, said that "the Commission in connection with the opening of the port of Umm Qasr East by four berths to receive ships and commercial vessels, especially the giant ones," noting that "the biggest immersion will be located within the port of berth No. 15".

Ali added, that "the body and balances provided cranes and Alsonarat advanced along with the use of the latest specialized customs work world-class technologies," adding that "the Commission has made a big leap procuring customs revenue levied on goods entering charge of the country during the month of February."

He stressed that "the revenue exceeded 101 billion dinars, an increase of up to 58 billion dinars compared to February of last year," expected to "rise in revenue during the current month of March over the last month, so as to intensify control over the ports and reduce far back in financial and administrative corruption ".

The Director General of the Commission, that "the current trend for prime minister, serving accounting staff in the Commission staff in the event of their involvement in the practice of corruption administrative and financial," noting that "sanctions of up to insulation or transport outside the body and that the regulatory and inspection at the ministry proceeded to transfer more 25 employees from outside the body because of their involvement with corruption. "