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WASHINGTON, March 21 (KUNA) -- President Donald Trump welcomed Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to the Oval Office to reaffirm America's support for Iraq and the Iraqi people "in our shared fight against the terrorist group ISIS/Daesh," the White House said on Monday night in a joint readout of the meeting."The United States and Iraq stand fully committed to a comprehensive partnership rooted in mutual respect and grounded in the United States-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement, which provides a framework for political, economic, cultural and security cooperation," the statement said.During their meeting, Trump and Abadi "praised the unprecedented cooperation between the militaries of the United States and Iraq in the fight against ISIS/Daesh, including the campaign to liberate west Mosul," the statement said."Although ISIS/Daesh remains a dangerous enemy, we are confident it will be defeated," it said. "As Iraqi forces consolidate gains against ISIS/Daesh, the two leaders agreed that the United States and Iraq will pursue a long-term partnership to decisively root out terrorism from Iraq and strengthen the Iraqi military and other key institutions." "Together with our partners in the 68-member Global Coalition against ISIS/Daesh, the United States will continue training and support for Iraqi forces to bring about the terrorist group's decisive and enduring defeat and further build the capabilities of Iraqi forces," the statement said. This security partnership is a vital component of the national security of both the US and Iraq, it said.Recognizing that terrorism cannot be defeated by military might alone, the two also agreed to promote a broad-based political and economic partnership based in the Strategic Framework Agreement, the statement said."In the months ahead, United States and Iraqi leaders will consult on steps to deepen commercial ties and promote investment, expand collaboration in the energy sector, and seek new opportunities for cultural and educational cooperation," it said."As we seek to advance common interests and promote prosperity, the United States commends Prime Minister al-Abadi's vision for building a prosperous and diversified economy in Iraq, capable of fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the Iraqi people." The US strongly supports Iraq's partnership with the International Monetary Fund and, in concert with G-7 partners, will continue to help Iraq stabilize its economy and achieve needed reforms, the statement said. The US also welcomes the Prime Minister's efforts to foster more inclusive and accountable governance in Iraq and to address the human suffering in the country created by the brutality of ISIS/Daesh, it said.Trump and Abadi "agreed that it is essential that Iraq develop and maintain positive relations with regional partners, both to enhance stability in the Middle East and to help Iraq begin to rebuild from the ravages of the brutal occupation of ISIS/Daesh," the statement said.The President commended Abadi on Iraq's efforts to foster more constructive ties with countries in the region, which have a vital role in helping Iraq become a force for stability in the Middle East, it said. "As the United States and Iraq stand together against terrorism in all its forms, we will not tolerate efforts by any country to destabilize Iraq or undermine Iraq's democratic institutions," it added."The United States and Iraq remain unified in our commitment to a comprehensive and mutually beneficial partnership in the years ahead," the statement said. (end) rm.gta

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