Jordan, Iraq sign trade and economic agreements

Baghdad , March 21 (Petra) - Jordan and Iraq signed the minutes of the meetings of the Iraqi - Jordanian joint session of 27 and included increased trade and accelerate the construction of the oil pipeline and to encourage the Iraqi investors in Jordan and opened Tirebel port, as well as determine which products cause exempted from customs duties and taxes harm industry Iraqi local agriculture.

And it included meetings Minutes , which was signed by Jordanian Minister of Industry and Trade and Supply expresses judges, and on the Iraqi side and Industry Minister Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani and with the participation of representatives of the ministries and institutions of the public and private sector in both countries.

Agreement to facilitate the registration of Jordanian medicines in Iraq procedures and speed of issuing the results of Jordanian medicines analyzed by the Iraqi Ministry of Health laboratories also included. And also agreed to activate the work of the Iraqi Jordanian company for industry and speed up the procedures for the direct implementation of the oil and gas connecting line to the port of Aqaba, in preparation for the conduct of the other stages if achieving security and stability in Iraq.

Iraq and called for the need to support the Jordanian side to him in the field of establishment and development, management and marketing of industrial cities and the development of perceptions regarding the establishment of an industrial zone Jordanian joint Iraqi and benefit from the Jordanian experience in the field of investment and the privatization of state institutions and laws and legislations issued in this regard and the positive results achieved in the development of the economy of industrial Jordanian sector .

The judges said a press statement in Baghdad "We discussed economic and industrial several issues , notably the provision of facilities and encourage the Iraqi investors in Jordan, as well as open Trebil border between the two countries as well as to accelerate the construction of oil and gas pipeline between Iraq and Jordan soon to help support the economy and to increase trade between Baghdad and Amman . " .

He added that the Republic of Iraq and the Kingdom of Jordan share a brotherly and historical ties , profound hope Ptqoatha and cementing are the best in all areas, pointing out that the Government and people of Jordan stands by Iraq in its response to terrorism and is keen on the unity and integrity of the land of Iraq to the presence of common interest between the two countries, in addition to the orientation of the two government to increase cooperation in all fields.

He stressed Jordan 's support for strengthening the Iraqi economy and build an economic base to him using real tools and that contribute to creating success , "explaining that" the aim of the formation of the joint committee for their research and discuss all aspects that contribute to the consolidation of relations between the two countries especially in the fields of agriculture, industry and trade, in addition to other and from which the ideas and proposals of the areas had a great role in shaping a new vision for the success of compatibility between the two sides and joint action.

For his part, the Iraqi Minister of Industry Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani said in a statement to Jordan News Agency (Petra) in Baghdad, it was agreed within minutes of the Joint Committee to complete the preparations for the establishment of a project implementation to build and set up a project the industrial city and implemented by the Jordanian side and the formation of a committee secretariat and follow - up work and proposals and documented so as to increase the bonds of cooperation and relationship between the two countries, as well as to cover and discuss aspects of different areas , including investment, transport, legislation and legal health and the environment and cooperation in the field of science and technology, the field of tourism and financial, recommendations and proposals will be worked out.

Sudanese He said terms of the agreement also included the identification of products that cause exempted from customs duties and taxes damaging to industry and local Iraqi agriculture that the Jordanian side to provide the Iraqi side energies design Jordanian factories productivity, as well as the potential of animal production to take the appropriate decisions, in addition to asking the topics and proposals by representatives of the ministries that contribute to the development and the development of joint bilateral relations and increasing cooperation in economic, industrial, commercial and financial fields based on mutual interest and mutual benefit.

- (Petra) AFP / Ace / o s 21/03/2017 - 11:36