Abbadi: we got assurances that American support for Iraq faster than before

2017/3/21 1:19

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Prime Minister Haider Abadi assurances during his visit to Washington that us support for Iraq will be faster than before.

Speaking to reporters, said the U.S. Peace Institute "to his meeting with President Donald Trump has been positive and has been getting assurances that support for Iraq would be faster than the previous until the completion of all tasks", noting that he looked forward to meeting with members of Congress and we saw a lot of interest from companies that want to work in Iraq and hopefully cooperation in trade, energy, education and culture.

He noted that some States work duplication by using the term "terrorism and armed groups at other media in Dawa."

Abbadi was drawn to "the international community and the United Nations were engaged in humanitarian efforts to Iraq, we need more funding to restore prosperity and stability to the country."

The Iraqis are happier after 2003, there is freedom of expression and freedom to travel and enjoy several services, wealth is the wealth of the people, as an important reform to restore citizen confidence in Government, and we hope to bring fresh blood to the next election. "

"The conflict in the region spread to Iraq and we don't want to be part of this conflict," he said, adding that "terrorism, Mickey only military force but there are other ways."

"From the first day of our plan to release the connector we want peace", adding that "there are volunteers who are fighting and fighting and sacrificing their lives for the homeland, and the popular crowd under the umbrella of the State and we will reward them for their sacrifices."