Electricity: government supports privatization the pricing of electricity by 94%

Section: Economic News Hits: 4288 Published on: 20/3/2017, 20:49

The Ministry of Electricity, Monday, explanatory statement on the draft privatization of energy, and as pointed out that the pricing of wages of electricity consumption is calculated unit kW / h and not Balombereh, confirmed that the currently approved pricing backed by the government by 94%.

He said the ministry spokesman Musab teacher in a press statement that "pricing is calculated unit kilowatt / hour, as has been high amounts far from reality, noting that the approved pricing currently supported by the government and support up ratio (94%)."

The teacher added that "the wages of electrical energy consumption is calculated in a manner (1000 units per kilowatt / hour, the first ten dinars), the equivalent of (10 amperes), which means that 10 amperes ten thousand dinars, and the (500 THOUSAND (b) 20 dinars) per unit, This means that (15 mA) b (20 thousand dinars), which is equivalent to (1500 units). "

He explained that "the (500 units) after (1,500 units) b (40 dinars) per unit, meaning that the (20) Lempira be priced (40) thousand dinars, and this shows that what has been presented by your channel is far from Indeed, it would have presented the amount of 140 thousand dinars for twenty amp, sparking public outrage at the Ministry of Electricity. "