Government recover 3 billion dinars and 111 million dollars from the budget in 2011

Baghdad / Orr News

The Iraqi government said it recovered 3 billion dinars and 111 million dollars during the 2011 budget to the state budget. And Integrity Committee announced it had agreed with the Parliamentary Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on the survival of the work of offices of inspectors Alamomcin cancel the decision and their solution.

A source in the office of the coordinating offices Muftchisen Alamomcin that "the offices of inspectors Alamomcin recovered 3 billion dinars and 111 million dollars within the budget in 2011." He explained that "the money recovered after the ministers agreed to implement the recommendations of the retrieval of investigative committees in the offices of inspectors general."

The Iraqi government has criticized earlier, reports of Transparency International on corruption and said it is not accurate and are based on information they received through the local and foreign companies failed to implement service projects in Iraq. And confirmed the integrity that Iraq is working to provide an opportunity to Transparency International for its efforts in the fight against financial and administrative corruption.