Referral of eight staff Comerkyin in the port Safwan to Integrity

Special files Number of Views: 28 03/19/2017 11:01

Border crossing points Directorate announced a referral Comerkyin eight employees, including two women in the Safwan border port to Integrity court on charges of corruption and manipulation.

A source from the general border crossings director, Maj. Gen. Sami Sudanese, as saying on Sunday (19 March 2017), it was referred eight employees Comerkyin including two women working at the Center for Comerk Safwan border, to the integrity Court for a number of Referred staff to integrity in the port 27 employees.

He added that the Sudanese staff have been referred to the integrity of the charges of corruption and manipulation.

The port Safwan in Basra province, witnessing daily entry of hundreds of trucks loaded with various types of imported goods as the only land border crossing between Iraq and Kuwait.