Parliamentary Finance: Iraq 's debt stood at $ 119 billion and its benefits to the people

Special files Number of readings: 7 20/03/2017 13:53

It revealed an MP for the parliamentary finance committee, Majida al-Tamimi, that Iraq's debt stood at $ 119 billion, of which external estimates of $ 80 billion, and the rest is internal debt, noting that the loans go into the pockets of corrupt people and bears interest on the loans.

Tamimi said in a press statement that "there are negative indicators on monetary policy as well as non-corrupt accountable," indicating that "the loans they take Iraq went to the corrupt and the people bear their benefits."

She pointed out that "the apparent corruption through lack of investment loans properly and mostly fake and thefts to the pockets of the corrupt," adding that "the figures that previously borrowed and squandered the money they borrow and their partners today and they have a certain pedigree."

She added that "there are a lot of files have been forwarded to the integrity, but there is no deduction for those files and if I stayed in the integrity of the year as possible to escape the corrupt out of Iraq and not be held accountable," indicating that "Iraq is required payments of up to $ 119 billion, including debt Foreign worth 68 billion to 12 billion but increased by the recent German loan for a total of $ 80 billion. "

She explained that "Iraq's debt to the Gulf countries reached $ 40 billion, including $ 4.6 billion of Kuwait was postponed repaid until 2018 because of financial commitments crisis," indicating that "the debt is treated and that have not been claimed in the present time amounted to 40 billion dollars."

She stressed that "these figures were taken by the General Director of the debt after a request made by the knowledge of Iraq's debt," adding that "there is an internal debt of the government borrowed from the Central Bank, as well as bonds and debt peasants and others."