Parliamentary economy suggests the discontinuation of the ration system and distribute cash instead.

20/05/2017 10:38 | Hits: 1026


Parliamentary economy and Investment Committee proposed Monday off the ration system and distributing cash to citizens rather than vocabulary contained in the card.

Dulaimi olive Committee member in an interview for "trend," said that the subject import ration vocabulary by the Ministry of Commerce has proved its failure and the citizen do not benefit from it because of the corruption that marred deals a lot of contracts between the Ministry and the suppliers to the vocabulary of food card, causing a waste of public funds.

The Government was importing ration card and most citizens don't want them being available in local markets at very low prices such as rice and flour, while the State is importing these articles at exorbitant prices, indicating that the card vocabulary replacement money and give it to the citizen is the perfect solution to eliminate the corrupt file this file.

The remarks came after Indian rice material distribution "incorrigible" into the vocabulary of ration agents in the southern provinces of Iraq, raised a lot of controversy because of her gowns, and the bastradha.