Planning: Contractors will reimburse 100%

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

The Ministry of Planning, on Monday, to reimburse contractors will be 100% of the completed projects exceeded 85 percent, indicating the completion of the audit about a trillion and 300 billion dinars.

The Minister of Planning Dr. Salman al-Jumaili during a meeting with Chairman of the Investment Committee in Parliament MP Jawad al-Bolani and a delegation of businessmen headed by Chairman of the Federation of Iraqi contractors Alsnava in a statement "the economy News" received a copy of "The government seeks to reimburse contractors by liquefied government bonds issued by the Bank CBI after conducting financial audits by the BSA. "

He Jumaili that "the proportion of payment for projects that exceeded the percentage of completion in which 85% will be increased by 100%, provided the contractor pledged to the completion of the entire project, as will be paid 40% of the projects that the completion rate less a 85% dues," noting that "the completion of scrutiny about trillion and 300 billion dinars and will be launched to the beneficiaries. "

He Jumaili "to the Ministerial Committee on Economic Affairs has recently taken a number of important decisions and actions in support of the private sector and protect the national product," pointing out that "the Iraqi construction sector is a key pillar in the development process of construction, which requires giving the sector the desired attention in order to be effective in the expansion of the investment process in the country. "

He said the Federal Office of Financial Control, in December 2016 about the existence of 1405 for the treatment of non-dues Contractors matching, indicating the presence of 77,000 treated for dues peasants under scrutiny.