Abadi to Washington to meet with Trump

3/20/2017 0:00

Security files reconstruction at the top of the agenda of his talks

BAGHDAD / morning

Prime Minister left the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Haider al - Abadi, on Sunday to Washington, in a visit where he will meet US President Donald Trump, for talks on the number of files, security, economic, especially.

He will also meet Abadi, who hoped to participate in the twenty - second of the month conference to combat terrorism, held in Washington, a number of international coalition led by the United States to discuss ways to speed up the elimination of "Daesh" leaders.

Before leaving Baghdad, described the statement of the Prime Minister 's Office, the visit as "important" and knock the elimination of terrorism files, and activation of the strategic agreement signed between Iraq and the United States, the top priority Abadi talks with President Trump.

According to the statement, which was obtained by the "morning" a copy of it, that "al - Abadi went on Sunday, the US official invitation of President Trump , " pointing out that " the Prime Minister will also meet a group of administration officials, among them Vice President and the Secretary Foreign Affairs and chairman of the US House of Representatives. "

The statement said, that al - Abadi, will meet during his visit to Washington, a number of members of Congress and the Senate to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the security, military, economic and other fields, as well as a meeting with a number of international institutions and organizations, and attending external international coalition ministers ' meeting to eliminate Daesh.