Necessities to encourage investment

3/20/2017 0:00

Saad al-Taie

The investment projects in various fields one of the most important engines of the national economy because of what they offer many job opportunities and the goods and services contribute to move the economic wheel, Valparwat investment productivity provide thousands of jobs and provide goods and services to meet local market needs, which will lead to dispense goods and imported goods that could pose a burden on the state budget.

Through investments to benefit from the local and foreign private sector expertise in project management and enable some companies to employ cutting-edge technology in the areas of work to modernize the economic projects, it is known that investing companies, especially foreign Looking for encouraging the environment and comes in the forefront of investing organizer of the work of these companies legislation, with stable economic policies and get rid of the bureaucratic procedures that hamper investment in order to ensure the continuation of these companies in their work for many years.

These projects, which can be varied in many areas, both in the areas of infrastructure, industrial, agricultural or service will contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy and diversify its resources as well as the availability of jobs reduces unemployment afflicting the country.

Investments are an important resource for the state budget and an engine of economic, industrial and service projects of various kinds and to achieve economic activity hurt in the field of growth and prosperity of the economy National, especially foreign investments, particularly investments in industrial and technological fields that work.

The development of existing industries to new industries exist because of technical and financial expertise and facilities owned by foreign companies.

It is noted the weakness of foreign investment in the country which do not exist, but some of the developer of the Iraqi oil industry, but the rest of the productive sectors where the state of foreign investment are not available, that causes us to reconsider investor-friendly policies to attract the largest number of them, in order to start the implementation of projects that can be achieved good economic additions of the country can work on the installation of the upper economic policies and provide some incentives, such as tariff exemptions and tax breaks and promoting open trade operations and the elimination of heavy bureaucratic procedures, which is a major obstacle in the way of investments and provide the necessary legal protection to these investments, because the investor, as it is known, seeks to safer areas and the most opportunities to enhance profits and least risky.

Therefore, the work on the development of strategic investment in the country to bring a sponsor of many investment projects in various areas of the country, including to reflect positively, in the final analysis, on the growth and development of the national economy.