Wasit obliges employees receiving their salaries Pal (Ki-Card)
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Thread: Wasit obliges employees receiving their salaries Pal (Ki-Card)

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    Wasit obliges employees receiving their salaries Pal (Ki-Card)

    Wasit obliges employees receiving their salaries Pal (Ki-Card)

    03/19/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 153 - Issue (3880)


    The Chairperson of the Finance Committee in the House of Wasit province, Alaa Ismail Alhajm, for the release of the book of the Council of Ministers to compel all employees to issue smart card to card, and as pointed out this card become important advantages allow owners shopping via the Internet and withdraw money with all branches of the Rafidain Bank in and out Iraq, confirmed that the preservation of employees' salaries for the next two months will be through this card rather than through offline deliberate system.

    Haj said (range), said that "all government employees in the province, the acquisition of ironing Card after it has been adopted as a document certified to receive salaries starting from the next two months without relying on the prevailing method in receipt of the employee's salary by his constituency." She added that the "smart card, and after the recent updates that have been added it became has advantages card (Visa) and (the Master Car), which evolved to be a bank account to the card holder and possible for beneficiaries to deposit funds in the bank and withdraw and transfer those funds partially and one account to another across the card e."

    He continued that "it is among the advantages of the smart card is the online shopping and withdraw money via the card to Card from all the countries that have branches of the Rafidain Bank, for example, Jordan, Lebanon, Emirates and other countries where a branch of the Rafidain Bank resides."

    And on the security side and the possibility of protecting the card from the penetration, Alhajm showed that "ironing Card of the most secure cards in the world being dependent live fingerprint of the hand and the eye of the holder and do not do cross-secret numbers vulnerabilities system and thus be one of the strongest fortified systems and can not be manipulated only by its owner profile." It is noteworthy that the card company in order to meet the amount of ten thousand dinars for the once-peer version of the smart card each employee with a deduction of the amount of two thousand dinars peer delivery salary every month.


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