Rivers decides to grant financial loans to support staff


Economy News / Baghdad ...

Twilight News / Rafidain Bank decided to grant loans for the purchase of residential units in residential investment projects that are funded.

Press office of the bank said in a statement received "Economy News," that the bank decided to grant loans for those projects in order to support the employees and citizens, which amounted to the percentage of completion with 60%. Calling slides covered visit its location and its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to see the instructions for this.

1. General Terms and controls

(A) In the event that the student loan officers:

To be on the permanent staffing continuous service book of support from his constituency and is shown signing of the head of the department.

That covers 50% of the total amount of the monthly salary installment and interest.

That does not have received a loan from either residential or Rafidain Bank, Rasheed Bank or other banks.

It determines the amount of the loan on the basis of (100) salary My name does not exceed its highest level (75) million in the event that the nominal salary of the employee Student Loan least 400 thousand dinars per month to be granted a loan of no more than (40) million in the event of his desire to do so.

(B) In the event that the student loan citizen:

1. To have Iraqi citizenship who have completed 18 years of full civil and legal.

2. Offers archives identity (identity card - certificate of citizenship - residence card) or the national card.

3. Sign a pledge in favor of not granting a loan from our bank or Rasheed Bank or any other bank.

4. The amount of the loan (40) million, maximum.

(C) The loan term (15 years) repaid with interest over the (180) Premium on a straight (hard) and beginning of the month following the month of grants

(D) The loan interest rate (10%) ten percent a year.

5. Borrower provides mortgage support during a maximum period (6 months) from the date of receipt of the loan.

(F) A deduction for the premiums of the borrower through electronic payment tools if possible

(G) Guarantee loan mortgage property after scoring on behalf of the borrower in favor of the bank as well as the sponsor guarantor of loans granted to nationals of non-employees and to be an employee on the permanent staffing or customer has a documented loan facility guaranteed by real estate or submit a bill of exchange, while certified demand from the notary and in the case of non-payment three consecutive installments of the bill is implemented by the competent execution circuit without warning

(H) Does not exceed the amount of the loan granted to build residential unit price which is contained in the contract between the employee and the company executing the construction to be put on him (the amount submitted + all premiums paid in cash by the borrower before granting the loan)

(I) An on-site detection on the property in accordance with gripping identity and image under him (support) modern issued by the Land Registry department or investment related by a committee composed of (a specialist employee of the General Administration / Commission disclosure in section / expert Ahli / a representative of the Department resident Engineer of the company) in favor of the percentage of completion.

Branch procedures in granting the loan


1. submit an application in accordance with the attached form and also fill the employee's support circle models associate them being (that he is an employee) and its commitment to pay the premiums through deducted from his salary and sent to the bank first hand in addition to the bill, while the amount of demand

Loan +20% certified by the notary department

2. Presents a picture under a modern version of the property on behalf of the student loan

3. The original copy of the purchase contract between the borrower and the company includes the construction (residential unit price) as well as the amount paid in cash provided to the company by the borrower

4. Submission archives tariff

5. Orders recorded in a special program written for this purpose and provides student loan number and the date for audit purposes

6. Asthsal if necessary endorsements for the health of the issuance of written support any other gripping sees manage the branch presence unnecessary, according to estimates, the full responsibilities

7. The branch audited the treatment of all aspects and after checking the availability of all the conditions in the applicant's health and the issuance of real estate and other archives support

8. Send statistical transactions that were completed to the public / bank credit administration department, however, supported the branch. Enclosed with a letter contains a detailed schedule of grants

9. Be carried insurance on the dwelling unit for the benefit of the bank and at the expense of the borrower

10. Are not taken ownership of the housing unit transfer to third parties except after obtaining the approvals from the bank to rotate the loan to third parties (the new beneficiary) or pay off the tally by the primary beneficiary.