Justice reveal the "Files" Fayad asserts: request for the transfer of corrupt officials to register property

2017/03/17 | 21:45
(Encyclopedia of the Day News | Iraq News) - Iraq / Baghdad

Received the Ministry of Justice, on Friday, the MP for the rule of law Alfad remarks, indicating he was trying to "blackmail" the ministry asked previously awarded contract food for "unknown company" and the transfer of staff "corrupt" the Department of Real Estate Registration.

The ministry said in a press statement that "the statement made by Fayad to one of the media is pure conjecture or taken from some of the people who have damaged their personal interests because law enforcement on everyone alike, without regard for the pressures generated by those who followed her to these people."

She explained that "some of the characters using compression methods to get the benefits, and if you did not get those benefits are using the media as a way to pressure the sake of it."

She pointed out that "Fayad had requested referral of contract processing feed to an unknown company case and outside controls, and also demanded the transfer of corrupt officials and handed over functions within the real estate registration department, having previously been processing their cases and punish them and take them, and we are fully prepared to explain to the public with regard to this pressures and attempts to blackmail. "

The ministry added that "Fayad did not pay attention to the Judicial Institute of Law, which stipulates that the management and the decisions of the Judicial Institute to be taken by the Institute Council, consisting of five members of the judges of the Supreme Judicial Council, including the chief prosecutor device and two from the Ministry of Justice, as well as to the President of the Shura Council of State "asserting that" the President of the board of the Institute is the head of the Supreme Judicial Council. "

And it showed a "repeat continuously not subject to any internal or external political pressure and that the seriousness of the files and try many of the bodies thrown in the ministry disputes worthless unless special interests."

The ministry expressed in a statement their willingness "to deliberate and debate in a transparent manner, and an official in any comments surrounding its work in various departments to work on processed legally," she said, adding that it welcomes "all the regulatory agencies, which are continuing to work with them for the advancement of services provided to citizens and to combat corruption cases, if any, and rejects any attempt to enter the controversial media is useless only appearing for the collection of special interests. "

It is noteworthy that MP Ali Fayad said in a press release this morning, that there are many notes posted on the Ministry of Justice in the forefront of exploiting career office for partisan and factional interests, as well as the imposition of personal visions of the departments and institutions of the ministry, even if the breach of the Constitution and the violation of the law, as well to the appointment of unqualified people and far from efficient in sensitive places without paying attention to the naysayers to these decisions.

As pointed out in Baineh that "Judicial Institute and its problems successive one of the indicator issues on the Minister of Justice and circumstances Sankhvha public opinion soon" and urged the head of the Integrity Commission to "follow the files of corruption in the Ministry of Justice and not only the reports that raise the representative body of the Ministry or the Office of the Inspector special year. "

Between that if these errors were not corrected and dealt with the files of corruption we will interrogate the minister to withdraw confidence from him.