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Maliki's wealth estimated at $40 bln: sources

Iraqi former PM Nouri al-Maliki's wealth is estimated at $40 billion, informed sources told The Baghdad Post on Thursday.

The sources revealed the 67-year-old has made his wealth through manipulating the Iraqi Central Bank's accounts as well as his suspicious projects inside and outside Iraq.

They also confirmed he took over the 2014 state budget without releasing concluding statements.

They added al-Maliki's henchmen have become real estate owners after they were "barefooted in Tuwairij", the district in Karbala where he was born.

The sources also accused al-Maliki's son-in law, Yasser Abd Skheil, of gathering millions through suspicious deals.

Skhel, currently a member of the Iraqi parliament, exploited his ties with al-Maliki, the sources said, to seize state-owned lands.

Al-Maliki left his post as the house speaker in 2014, the same year in which he was elected one of three vice-presidents.

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