Adviser to the Prime Minister confirms the success of standby agreement with international monetary credit

17/05/2017 05:52 | Hits: 206

Direction press

Financial advisor to Prime Minister Mohamed Saleh, appearance Friday, the success of the consultations on the standby credit agreement between the Iraqi Government and the International Monetary Fund, contending that otherwise occurs "line aldaashi v".

Saleh said in a statement "trend" I got a copy of it, "I personally attended an important aspect of the second audit consultations of standby credit agreement with the International Monetary Fund and the results were very successful, UNFPA will issue a final statement on the matter, there are some digital facts and statistical data related to public expenditure and income, the Fund has requested a broader explanation will end next April.

Saleh said "Fund praised the ability of the Iraqi Government in confronting terrorism aldaashi and remarkable victories achieved extraordinary economic circumstances", pointing out that "the program with the Fund goes naturally and modular and very successful."

"The statements that talked about the failure of the IMF meetings held in Oman, promoted by the line aldaashi v to find a crack in Iraq's international relations, media and psychological warfare because of victories in Mosul."