Sheikh Hammoudi: financial transactions will not be available locally funded to support the national product

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said a member of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, Sheikh Humam Hammoudi, said that "the Ministry of Finance has decided to deny funding for any purchase of a match of the national product."

A statement of the Office of member of the board of the presidency, and the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of which Sheikh Hammoudi, during his visit to manufacturers of Babylon, tires and clothing Najaf, saying that "received what we've seen from a national product during a visit Thursday to the company rubber {frames Babylon} factory and clothing industries Najaf deserves pride, and enjoy the highest quality. "

He pointed out that "the basis of the problem lies in marketing due to failure of a number of ministries from buying needs of these plants."

He noted that "the Ministry of Finance has decided to deny funding for any purchase of a match of the national product," and expressed "thanks to the ministries of defense, health and agriculture, which began buying requirements of Iraqi factories."

The member of the board chairman of the parliament and the Ministry of Interior and the popular crowd, to "buy all their equipment from Najaf clothing factory, and the ministries of transport, trade and municipalities and the secretariat of the capital to buy the products and rubber industries company."

He expressed his "admiration for the sophisticated laboratory he found the product is subject to international standards and under the supervision of the procuring entity," stressing "the importance of extension of the garment industry to houses like the Chinese experience."

He pointed out that "national product support means to absorb a large part of the workforce, and this will be reflected on the standard of living of the citizen."

The House of Representatives voted on the fourth of December last, to approve the proposal by the board chaired by Sheikh Hamoudi, within the 2017 budget law, the judge compel the ministries and provinces and departments not associated with the Ministry to buy their products or ministries of the local product.

According to the text of the resolution: "not less than the value added of these bundled products and manufactured 25% of the cost of import value added to them and to the prices of local products is higher than imported counterparts not be increased by more than 10%, taking into account the quality and standards of quality."

He said the "the ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and the provincial commitment to implement provisions in the law to protect Iraqi products" .anthy