Finance Committee: Naqlna items in the budget to ensure that the salaries of deputies and three thousand employees

03/16/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 352 - Issue (3878)


Admitted to Parliament yesterday, conduct transfers in 2017. Some of the doors of the budget, but stressed that the move came in order to secure parliamentary expenses and the salaries of its members and thousands of employees.

The select session of parliament on Thursday to host the Prime Minister in order to discuss about the charges made in the last press conference, expressed the Finance Committee was surprised to challenge the government to reduce the salaries of staff cuts.

The Commission considered that the challenged paragraph obliges the government to review oil licensing contracts with foreign companies "suspiciously and suspicion."

Parliamentary Finance Committee and embarked, throughout the day on Wednesday, to conduct a series of meetings in order to respond to accusations the Prime Minister.

Abadi and face charges of biting the Parliament to conduct transfers 50 billion dinars from the chapters of the budget are described Balkhva for the salaries and allowances of its members.

The MP Haider al-Kaabi, a member of the Finance Committee for the rule of law, it was revealed last month that "there is an increase in the nominal salary for members of the House of Representatives up to one million dinars for each deputy," but pointed out that "the decision will not be retroactive."

Parliamentary Finance Committee denied any increase may have occurred in the salaries of deputies within the 2017 budget and confirmed "that the transfers made to the general budget 2017 by the Parliament a draft, is to cover large segments of society, including support for the displaced."

The MP said Mohammed al-Halbusi, head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, told a news conference attended by the (range) yesterday, said that "the parliament expenses per month up to 21 billion dinars, distributed between staff and council members' salaries allowances, and other requirements such as seminars and conferences," he said, adding that "the magnitude of these expenses is estimated B260 billion dinars a year. "

After four months to approve the 2017 budget, chairman of the parliamentary finance committee recognizes make transfers between chapters of the budget provided 50 billion dinars and has to balance transfers were the House of Representatives. "

Halbusi He justified this Alajrar that he came "in order to provide the salaries and expenses of the House of Representatives for a full year, not ten months as stated in the budget bill, which came to us from the government."

The head of the Finance Committee, at a press conference that "the House of Representatives allocated for the amounts in the government project was 210 billion dinars, but after making these transfers become parliament's budget 260 billion."

He pointed out that "the purpose of the amendments is to secure the House of Representatives and the staff of the Council, which numbered about 3,000 employees' salaries."

The government surprised the House by providing stabbed 21 items of 2017 budget items, including a demand for the abolition paragraph 15, and the reformulation of the other paragraphs, which has opened the confrontation between the prime minister and members of the House of Representatives.

And show the MP from the Union of Forces surprised challenged the government to article (18 / c), which states "Stop appointments in the three presidencies and agencies and departments affiliate," saying that "the response of this article entails open appointments in the three presidencies and the payment of money to the new functional levels."

Halbusi said that "the parliament select Thursday's meeting tomorrow (today) to host Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and will be open to discuss all the appeals and accusations made by the Parliament."

He vowed, "If you do not attend Abadi, we will talk numbers and details of the amendments and appeals made by the government of the Federal Court."

And confirms the Chairman of the Finance Committee that "the issuance of treasury bonds to ensure the central bank to pay the expenses of oil companies is one of us to amend this article that challenged recently."

And MP Ahalobsi that "the government of failing to justify the amendment or revision of the licensing rounds decades irrational nor unreasonable, because they argue that the matter needs to negotiate with the companies, and that is unreasonable."

For his part, MP Masood Haider, a member of the Finance Committee, that the committee "reduced deductions of employees' salaries to 3.8% after the government had set as 4.8%." He said that "this is a big deductions and will fall upon the Iraqi state employees."

He said Haider, in an exclusive statement to (range) yesterday, said that "the parliament granted Abadi legal cover to review licensing contracts for the benefit of Iraq." He described the appeal as "wild and raises doubts especially on Contracts for oil licensing rounds."

In the same context, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, expressed surprise at the Prime Minister "vague statements about the existence of financial and administrative corruption in the allocated money has been spent in the doors of the budget three months after the ratification and discussed by the Finance Committee with him more than once."

The speaker of the House of Representatives, in a statement received (range) a copy of it yesterday, the Prime Minister "to appear before the people's representatives in the House, on Thursday, to indicate any fault or misconduct or financial corruption through the submission of documents to the public and not just the distribution of the charges for unknown purposes. "

He Jubouri that "the House of Representatives set a date to attend the Prime Minister to the Council sessions and several times to answer oral questions," vowing to "the transfer of the proceedings, which will be attended by the Prime Minister through the media so that the Iraqi people familiar with the fact that the doors where the public money exchange ".