The Government of Japan provided $ 6.7 million to support displaced people in Iraq

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The Government of Japan has provided US $ 6.7 million to the International Organization for Migration in Iraq to support the humanitarian response for displaced people due to the ongoing military operations to liberate Mosul, in addition to support returnees and the host community for the displaced.

The head of the International Organization for Migration Thomas Luther Weiss in a press statement, "The contribution of the Government of Japan enabled the International Organization for Migration in Iraq to support the thousands of Iraqi displaced families with emergency assistance and livelihood."

He explained, "We are delighted to continue the partnership with Japan in coordination with the Government of Iraq and humanitarian partners to improve the displaced people who are still facing the challenges of returning to their homes in areas that have been liberated from the grip of the terrorist organization Daesh circumstances."

He noted Japan's ambassador to Iraq, Fumio Iwai out that "Japan's contribution emphasizes its strong commitment to meet the needs of displaced people in Iraq crisis as part of a new batch of humanitarian support to counter terrorism and to the stability of society in Iraq, which amounts to about US $ 100 million."

He added that "Japan has decided to provide the service to the Iraqi families displaced and host communities of respect for human dignity."