Our forces cleansed 90 percent of the old city

3/15/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / MOSUL / morning
Going liberalization of Mosul operations accelerated paces against the remnants of the collapse of Daesh gangs that have become besieged from all sides in a tight angle after surging yesterday achieve our new victories cleared strategic targets in the heart of Mosul Coast right hand and Badush.

Keeping the bank of the Tigris

It boycotted the recent operations north of the right coast of the statement of the cell media war commander operations (coming, Nineveh), Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Aarallah, saying that pieces of the band 16 completed yesterday afternoon edit all villages and areas east of hand Badush (20 km northwest Mosul) after clearing the village of aesthetic and thus imposed full control on the eastern edge of the Tigris River, explaining that the band freed am Sheikh Mohammed village east side and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings after the enemy to inflict loss of life Aldaasha and equipment.

Aarallah also confirmed that pieces of the band itself liberated residential complex near the village of Sheikh Mohammed and the village Alajafal neighbors.

At the same time , it said a statement issued by the Media Authority popular crowd forces, the heroes of the Second Brigade of the body in the afternoon yesterday were able to kill a leading figure in the terrorist gangs Daesh (Abu Bakr Iraqi) central hand Badush.

As the crowd forces blew up a car bomb belonging to those gangs while trying two Anthariaha targeting our units , on the outskirts of hand and killed them on the spot.

The new door area

The commander of the federal police forces team Raed Shakir Jawdat, it was announced that the cuts Divisions Fifth and Sixth Committees for his leadership liberated noon on Tuesday the new door area and approached the white door area in the heart of the left coast, warning that the rapid federal police respond band completed editing the proportion of 90 percent of the old city area and is now close to the old bridge, pointing out that the pieces tactic slow victory adopted in order to ensure the safety of civilians because of the population density of central Mosul and barricaded enemy of the people.

He said the cuts Divisions III and rapid response Completes am editing buildings Sabunji Mosque and the Baghdad Hotel in the neighborhood of Bab brick within the old city, and thus forces approached to tens of meters away from the old bridge , which connects the old city to the left side of the site east of Mosul.

Extermination convoy "of Doaash"

Jawdat also stressed that federal police forces, liberated Nineveh train and garage Baghdad 's southwestern old terminal connector, at a time when the rapid response provided by the axis forces continue from Bab bricks towards the old bridge, parallel with continued relief to the displaced from the people of the right coast and assistance operations humanitarian them and take them to safe places south of Mosul. Signed Daesh gangs terrorist in an ambush while the Army Air startle a convoy of a number of wheels carrying armed terrorists on the right coast, said a brief statement to inform the body the popular crowd, the Army Aviation startle this convoy and throw him in the perfect ambush and then Islamabad all these terrorists as it did not survive them one .

Preparations for the popular crowd

Coincides victories with direct popular crowd forces, draw a practical way in preparation for edits in the western axis within boycotted the desert province of Nineveh , and down to the Syrian border, as explained Media Authority popular crowd that the engineering effort and heavy machinery Brigade eighth popular crowd began to draw roads in preparation for operations anticipated in this axis starting from the urban south - west of Mosul intersection down to the bordering district of Tall Afar Leine line.

He noted that the pieces of the popular crowd all factions had completed the first phase of page six of western Mosul operations to impose its control on Tal Afar strategic airport and villages and large areas in the vicinity of Tal Afar achieving a petition with the district of Sinjar , where each supply gangs lines cut Daesh to and from the Syrian border .

Close terrorists

To that drew the director of central operations in the form of the popular crowd, Abu Muntazer al - Husseini, said Daesh gangs lost its compass and hit the confusion and collapse in the right coast and greatly weakened compared to what was on the left coast, indicating that the momentum continued our troops and edit areas before the timing specified in the plan confirms that the achievement of the overall objectives of the battle pages progressing quickly than expected towards the resolution of final. This represents a starting point for the liberation of the entire coast and alleys narrow in less time, pointing out that the access process to this point is a sign of growing our capabilities to all kinds of weapons of Higher and coordination among them, and pointed out that Daesh gangs lost a lot of physical potential and important areas ranks and crumble clearly leaving numbers large of the dead , including the most prominent leaders and the arrest of another prepare them.