German companies are looking to work in the Iraqi market

3/15/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / morning
Iraq participated in the Berlin Economic Conference held in Berlin in the presence of an international scale.

Vice president of business club Adnan al - Quraishi said the "morning": conference issued a number of recommendations including the development of a new strategy aims to build bridges of cooperation with the countries that suffered the wars and crises, especially the third world countries including Iraq.

And that all German companies are looking to work in the Iraqi market , which is what we saw at the conference and during our visit to the Berlin Exhibition Trade International. He pointed to the participation of the Iraqi delegation focused on the role of friendly countries to help Iraq in its war against terrorism and the role of German companies in the reconstruction of the country.

He added: Westphalian dimensions multidisciplinary conference of representatives from the public and private sector mix in order to start developing projects that will support the economy sustainable.

Iraq and looks forward to activate cooperation with the outside world in order to enable the country to developments in the international field of employment and the transfer of successful experiences that can be locally based in Iraq, especially as the specialized international companies have a great desire to get into the Iraqi labor market and access to employment opportunities in the various disciplines , where local need a sophisticated effort to shorten the time and perform business in accordance with the best specifications global.