Cash reserve

3/15/2017 0:00

Thamer Alheims
Still and it will remain the cash reserve at the central bank's foreign currency indication the two day economic performance. It ranges between 88 and 49 billion dollars, as some economists to raise undue panic when falling sometimes does or external factors Interior.

There are many options we have to install this standstill up and down but it seems that globalization and its institutions see the relationship to continue as it is now. According to its terms.

This is the nature of things , where the International Monetary Fund and no one was forced to borrow from the central bank , and so he did not stop selling the currency.

Fund and the Central Vasubha hanger for poor performance, where we have tools that are not used so far to develop a governance or rationalize what we are going through the delicate and complex social and economic conditions is unprecedented.

For example , we do not have as qualitative or quantitative teams seem to import medicine and import of firecrackers celebrations where the two have enjoyed on holiday , dedicated to import and the amount of on - demand provided by the merchant.

This paradox has not been bridged bowed now on food hand or medicine or import of luxury items , especially the product of them locally , which suffers from the problem of dumping and competition unequal hoping the new decision to stop the import of productive materials locally, especially since the international trade situation in general is moving towards protectionism and to ensure that the product after the national economic recession and policies deflationary.

This loophole in the import has to be their programming schedules and priorities for import in all cases it is not necessary to import ornamental fish, dogs and Qttha.

So often in the import of food and beverages, luxury building materials which produce them locally , and this is very possible to be consistent with rational scheduling difficult our currency declining with the toughest days I do not think that the IMF is willing to foreclose development to ensure the payment of their dues.

There are those who believe that monetary reserves derives his power from the strength of the domestic economy and effective its monetary and economic (industry, agriculture and tourism) and therefore can be thrown reasonably Department acceptable from the reserve in the same economic and technical feasibility basic projects and in order not to stay , betting on a horse oil only.