Abadi accuses parliament to transfer 50 billion dinars from sensitive allocations for the salaries of MPs

Tuesday 14 March 2017 22:22

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, the House of Representatives to transfer fifty billion dinars from sensitive assignments in the country for salaries and allocations of members of the House of Representatives, and while stressing he would not be silent about it, indicated that they worked on the "hide" those amounts budget is invisible under the slogan for the poor.

Ebadi said during his weekly and followed up, Alsumaria News, "the more we are approaching the desired victory surprised by talk of some politicians who also seems to live another world and speak interests may have a desire to appoint people Akhsou," noting that "we for the first time we put the guidelines and conditions for appointments, but some of that case did not like the presence of lists have the names they want appointed by pressure on the minister to appoint relatives and favoritism and its staff, and this is a particular corruption. "

He said al-Abadi, "if it does not reform the political and social Ndhamna we should not be surprised by any reactions violent because injustice will not last either of injustice in the distribution of money or a job," adding that "some states and is not afraid for the poor and even the imposition of belonging names of his Minister fears being isolated and has, therefore, works on a bang as the poor to keep them. "

He continued: "We do not have any problems with the oil-producing provinces as key provinces and place of our attention and offer her services, but we also have interest in the governorates other," and expressed regret for "hear the other in private meetings deduced from giving oil provinces due, they are looking for the interests of their provinces only and start talking enticing manner and do not want to edit areas. this is unfortunate and we consider it part of the consciousness of treason or not. "

The Abadi said that "the appeal budget was by the Ministry of Finance presented the list of paragraphs and it cost us from a legal point of a legal team to examine materials modified and there are materials related to the interests of the people have not been touched Others relate to political interests," pointing out that "he was fifty billion dinars from the transfer sensitive assignments in the country for salaries and allocations of members of the House of Representatives. "

He said al-Abadi, "We will not be silent about it, therefore, appeal to those paragraphs because we know what's going on and tell them these things is appropriate, frankly," noting that they "worked to hide those amounts budget is invisible under the slogan for the poor and one of them to members of the House of Representatives, but a lot of deputies They do not know it or they did not vote for them if they knew them. "

He said he "was hiding such amounts to the interests for the other and the functions they want to increase it excuse the government's keenness to absorb contracts and a daily wage, but they truly want to assign certain people to certain conditions and this is where there is no equality of opportunities and without justice," he said. "There are a lot has been appointed by the by political figures and we can follow up individually but today preoccupied with the battle we do not want to open other fronts, but the most important fight corruption and did not tolerate it and we are working within the international experience and quietly, without announcement. "

The MP for the mass of the Dawa Party, Haider al-Kaabi, on 26 February, an increase in the nominal salary for members of the House of Representatives, starting from the month of February from four million to five million dinars, adding that the decision would not be retroactive.

As he emphasized Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, in the February 27, 2017, that the Parliament will proceed to increase the salaries of members of the council.