Trade written off 27 thousand people from the ration and cancel 17 food agency

Since 03/14/2017 11:45 am (Baghdad time)

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Announced Planning and Follow-up Department at the Ministry of Commerce, on Tuesday, the cancellation of 17 agency food and flour during the month of February because of violating the regulations and instructions, pointing out Htal more than 27 thousand people from Almtaqh ration.

The Director General of the Department invocation Hashim Sabt in a ministry statement received / balances News / copy of it, that her constituency "has during the month of February to grant two agencies and rotate 27 agencies and the integration of a single agency and the introduction of three agencies," pointing to "the abolition of 17 agency food and flour for violating guidelines and instructions." .

She Sabt, to "circle the same month the registration of 41 132 newborn baby and record a new 33,497 individual and 8 children, as well as the transfer of 3151 a single individual and a child from coming to branches Supply and transfer of 18 individual evacuees from branches Supply," noting that "the removal of 27 915 members and children from the ration card because of death or travel or other reasons. "

She stressed the Director General of the Department, governmental and non-governmental departments and citizens to "the need to report all cases of death or travel so that the circle be removed according to the controls and regulations of the ministry in order to save public money and to reduce the incidence of manipulation that might get in this aspect," .anthy 29 / A 43