Speaker of Parliament talking about the rescue of the agricultural sector and lure foreign capital to invest in it

Since 03.14.2017 at 11:35 (Baghdad time)

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The head of parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, Tuesday, to prepare for legislation important laws that will save the agricultural sector, while noting the trend towards lure foreign capital to commemorate the thousands of hectares Albairh and abandoned.

Jubouri said in a speech during the opening of the agricultural ninth week and held by the Ministry of Agriculture, said that "Dharoa thinking about new ways to develop and progress and to address its obstacles caused by the difficult conditions in recent times, particularly the shortage of water resources and economic conditions compactor, which was prevented from pushing this important sector forward and development and accelerating the chance. "

He added, that "we are today in front of the challenge of improving agriculture, and the reconstruction of Iraq at the forefront of important agricultural countries with a genuine desire to raise production levels, with the decline in oil prices, which we relied upon for decades and Aolna on being the source of the only income in the country."

He pointed out that "the most important means by which we can save the agriculture sector is to think of agricultural investment and encourage and support by the state and the opening of opportunities for investors and create serious outlets to the market and reduce the import outlets in preparation for re-Iraqi products to the consumer key as a commodity."

He continued, "The House of Representatives is ready to discuss the legislation of laws that would Agricultural Investment Support and lure foreign capital to enter Iraq and revive the thousands of agricultural acres Albairh and abandoned after the reluctance of peasants from agriculture because of the difficult conditions experienced farmers and despair of the ability of payoff agriculture on the adequacy of their need for living." .

He stressed that "There is no doubt that economic development will contribute to the return of life to the provinces that suffered terrorism, including their access to sources of living what will support significantly the idea of ​​national stability, reconciliation and development of the resources of those areas and restore the confidence of its people to adhere to their lands and neighborhoods."

As pointed out, that "Iraq has fertile lands in the safe areas in central and southern Iraq and in the Kurdistan region were not damaged because of terrorism requires a doubling of support for these areas to develop the agricultural sector."

He concluded by saying: "We must give her time dues peasants which Alone House of Representatives to vote on dues peasants exchange for his belief in the necessity and importance of the performance of these rights to help farmers to continue farming and encouraging them" .