Monument filter and sterilize water solar-powered system in Samawa

14/03/2017 09:22

General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries has one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals erect a system of filtering and sterilizing solar - powered water at a school for the city of Samawah.

The director of the Information Center and Public Relations at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Abdul Wahid Alwan Shamari said in a statement on Tuesday that the company has installed a system for sterilizing water solar - powered to a school in the town of Samawah , pointing out that the company is seeking to use renewable energy in the field and sterilizing and filtering water treatment Using wells where there was a successful experiment erect system in the rest of the visitors station in Karbala and was intended to provide water.

He pointed out that there are types and reluctance different systems and choose the system used at the work site will be in proportion to other dissolved salts and chemical components , explaining that the use of such systems reduces environmental pollution and noise ratio and are considered environmentally friendly and utilized in remote outback city that is lacking electricity.

To that Authority announced industrial research and development one of the formations and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals on Tuesday for a research team continued its two patents in the design and manufacture of cutters used in the construction of housing units and low cost manufacturing panels reeds laboratory materials adhesive local improved thermal properties and their use for the construction of residential and sessile units cost .

The director of the Information Center and Public Relations at the Ministry Abdul Wahid Alwan al - Shammari said the completion of construction of housing units leading to the population of the marshlands in Iraq , his project dimensions of development, political and social , especially in the present time.

The project aims to provide technical and engineering data , depending on the raw materials available in the marsh environment for design and manufacture and installation of residential units , noting that he is one of the industrial projects it has been used in the completion of available raw materials in the Iraqi Marshlands (reeds) as construction after being treated chemically in the construction of housing units that will be equipped with units of solar energy in addition to the processing unit of human waste to preserve the health and environmental aspects taking into consideration the nature preserve heritage and fulfill the requirements of the modern house.

Shammari said that the panels used in the construction of housing units of raw materials (reeds and Albarriet) is considered material non - polluting and is characterized by easily handled by the marsh dwellers as well as psychological acceptability pointing out that the work on the project is divided into two phases : installation of technical data through experiments laboratory for the manufacture of wooden planks and key parts required of reeds and papyrus and treated with chemicals in laboratories and workshops of the body to give him a specification suitable for marsh environment and then build a model room at the site of the body to be the basic unit and the second advantage of the data for the first phase of the technical to build a pilot and a pilot house.