Fiery statements .. new presidency of Kurdistan: Maliki came in line and imagine himself absolute ruler of Iraq
Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 25/05/2012

Confirmed the presidency of the Kurdistan region, that al-Maliki became prime minister of the Council by consensus, based on agreements he proposed are set aside and the Constitution, noting that he imagined himself absolute ruler of Iraq.

A statement from the presidency of the province, on Thursday that al-Maliki imagined himself absolute ruler of Iraq, adding: it became the head of the Council of Ministers by consensus, based on agreements he put them aside is the Constitution, and believes that the Kurdistan Region provinces must be followed and wants to rob his constitutional rights and return Iraq to the rule of individual .

The statement added that al-Maliki shows himself more careful of the president of the region on the interests of Kurdistan and the Kurds, while revealing a document bearing his signature refrain in which to agree to honor the martyrs and wounded, the brave (security) in Kirkuk of the Fallen with elements of the police in a terrorist bombing, the extent of his commitment to Kurds and Kurdistan, citing Arab Similarly: "It is solved by the experimenter try remorse."

The statement continued: Last we speak of the owners and those who think like him, is the paragraph contained a preamble Iraqi constitution, which stated commitment to this Constitution, ensure the maintenance of the unit optional for the people and the nation and the rule of a federal Iraq, in the first article of the Constitution came, Iraq federal state federal .. system of government in which a republican parliamentary This is a democratic constitution to ensure the survival of a unified Iraq. 1734