Sign a contract with agriculture industry to buy local product urea

14/05/2017 10:01 | Hits: 132


The fertilizer industry company signed an affiliate of the Ministry of industry and minerals contract with the agricultural supplies company belonging to the Ministry of agriculture last processing includes (300) tons of urea fertilizer factories product total cost estimated at 135 billion dinars during the whole year batches.

According to a statement by the Ministry of industry today got "direction", a copy of the contract signed in the presence of the Ministers of agriculture and industry, Falah Hassan Zaidan () Mohamed sheyaa peanuts which emphasized that this initiative deserves respect and positive message of the Ministry of Agriculture of the national industry, hoping to follow all ministries follow the Ministry of agriculture in the national product support.

"The fertilizer industry company is one of the important companies and the winner has undergone a rehabilitation through Japanese loan and are in the process of rehabilitation works for the second line will contribute to raising the productive capacity to about (650 700) thousand tons annually and are going to prepare a study to produce fertilizer DAB to cover the needs of the Ministry of agriculture and the private sector."

"He said that the Ministry of industry and minerals bound to implement a strategic plan to promote the corporate reality and especially national competition products importer," pointing out that there are (270) national product produced by the Ministry of industry and minerals and added value ranging from 50 to 100% higher productivity as well as cards that it owns plants and factories can meet the country's need of products they need support by State institutions and the citizen ".

The Agriculture Minister said that "this contract is with the Ministry of industry to buy local product full of product urea fertilizer factories to be distributed among peasants and farmers", adding that "the Ministry is ready to receive the full amount of urea as long as plants industry able to produce high quality" qualities.