Chief of Staff of insurance for "Economy News": no culture of insurance and worked to unify the insurance companies

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Economy News / special head of the insurance Sadiq Abdul Rahman stressed that the culture of insurance among citizens is virtually zero, indicating that the Bureau on the work of the unification of government and private insurance companies.

Abdul Rahman said in an interview for "Economy News", that the insurance sector file in Iraq needs a great culture of being non-existent in Iraq so requires that all entities involved spreading this culture because of its great benefits to the citizen.

Abdul Rahman added that the absence of legislation and the private insurance sector, which "need to be citizens," insurance was also one of the reasons for the absence of the prevalence of the phenomenon of insurance among citizens, noting that the Court paid since 2008 to amend the Insurance Act but there are many reasons prevented the amendment.

Abdul Rahman revealed that in order to organize the work of insurance companies amounting to 33 companies and 30 three-governmental civil deliberately Court to be assembled to work one and within the organization contexts. AJ