Jabouri: provincial economic development editor will strongly support national reconciliation

2017/3/14 13:11

[In Baghdad]

The speaker stressed, Selim Jabouri, the importance of economic development to support the national reconciliation project, especially in the provinces which suffered terror and edited.

Jabouri emphasized in his speech during the opening of the agricultural week IX to his Ministry of agriculture, said Tuesday, "I need to think of new ways to develop and progress and address the impediments caused by difficult conditions in recent times and in particular lack of water sources and the pressing economic conditions which prevented from paying this important sector and development forward and accelerate the opportunity."

"We are today before the challenge of promoting agriculture and re Iraq in front of important agricultural States and with a genuine desire to raise production levels, with the decline of oil prices which we relied on him for decades and can count on being the sole source of income in the country."

The most important means through which we can save the agriculture sector are thinking of agricultural investment and encouraged and supported by the State and open up opportunities for investors and find outlets to market and narrow import ports in preparation for restoring the product to the consumer as an essential commodity. "

Jabouri emphasized that the House was ready to discuss and legislate laws that will support agricultural investment and lure foreign capital to enter Iraq and revive the stagnant farm thousands of acres and abandoned after the reluctance of peasants about farming because of the difficult conditions experienced by farmers and the desperation of the ability of agricultural yields enough adequate living conditions. "

"Today, with our heroine in the liberation of lands in the last chapter of the battle honour we find it necessary to work in a spirit of perseverance and cooperation between citizens and the State to restore the soul to all facilities in Iraq."

He pointed out that "economic development will contribute to the return of life to the provinces which suffered terrorism, including their ability to get live sources what will greatly the idea of national reconciliation and stability and develop their resources and restore the confidence of its people by adhering to their lands and revive Iraq enjoys fertile lands in safe areas in Central and southern Iraq as well as in Kurdistan is unaffected by terrorism requires double the support for these regions to develop its agricultural sector.

The speaker stressed the "peasant dues should be given the time which Wats House to vote on a resolution dues peasants to his belief in the necessity and importance of performance of these rights for farmers to continue farming and encourage them.