Support farmers and investors to achieve self-sufficiency

3/14/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Farah pumice
in a move to support the agricultural sector and increase its products in the domestic market, prompted the Academy to increase the branches of the Agricultural Bank in Iraq 's provinces and cities, particularly in the areas of agricultural character. Academic in the Faculty of Agriculture , University of Qadisiyah d. Saad Abdul Hussein hailed the reopening of branches of the Agricultural Bank in the liberated areas, they returned it with a qualitative step to get the economy moving in these areas and draw Abdul - Hussein said the opening of new branches in the provinces and cities and the rehabilitation of the affected in the liberated areas of "Daesh" terrorist gangs will contribute to the restoration projects development, and attract investment , whether local or foreign to her, therefore , will provide many job opportunities, as well as to achieve a national crop enriches the local market.

Agricultural loans
and called on the concerned authorities to increase agricultural loans in accordance with the agricultural initiative whose results were impressive over the past years, to achieve self - sufficiency and food security for the country over the coming years, and to reduce dependence on oil revenues.

The other hand, in the agricultural bank manager Sabah Nouri al - Azzawi in a press statement on the re - opening of bank branches in the liberated areas of the Conception "Daesh" terrorist gangs, and provide all banking services , including agricultural loans. The Director General pointed out that the General Administration has worked hard to rehabilitate the affected branches of the bank in the liberated areas, rapidly and comprehensively, they constitute a cornerstone of the rebirth and the resumption of development and investment projects in the agricultural field, contributing to the advancement of the economic reality of Iraq.

Specialized teams
and said al - Azzawi , the General Administration of Agricultural Bank has sent field specialized teams conducted statements to the liberated areas in Salahuddin, Anbar, Diyala and Mosul, also included districts and areas of agricultural production and character of the high yields, and distinctive establishment of agricultural projects, government works through the laws, by the Supreme Agricultural joint Committee for the advancement of agricultural reality, stressing initiate most of the branches that have been the rehabilitation and reconstruction of their buildings to provide banking services and receive the reviewers.

He believed that the steps that have taken place during the current phase of the task and the quantum leap to overcome the sabotage and destruction caused by extremism and terrorism in the liberated areas , gangs, exceeding the absolute dependence on oil revenues, and the intervention in the outlook for achieving self - sufficiency for the local market and support farmers, farmers and investors agricultural.

Rehabilitation and opening -
Azzawi said re - opening of branches in the districts and the areas of Alexandria and northern Babil and surrounding areas in the capital Baghdad and Muqdadiyah, modern and Ramadi, Fallujah and Karmah and Khanaqin, Tikrit and Sharqat (except Peggy Branch as a result of the large mass of the judiciary, was chosen as an alternative site in another place), as well as the re - opening of branches bank in the provinces of Diyala and Anbar, Salahuddin and parts of Mosul and the provision of banking services to the citizens, where she returned strongly functional cadres and their determination to work again, and focused on the high and human services developed.

Also it pointed out that the public administration is determined to rehabilitate and the opening of all bank branches in the province of Nineveh, especially as the actual steps included branches of the bank in the left side of the city of Mosul after security forces imposed to control, stressing at the same time the need to join hands to bring back the second - largest province in Iraq to the forefront of agricultural crop production strategy whose reputation and helping to compensate for the losses, as well as providing employment opportunities to contribute in enhancing the absorption of unemployment and to support labor and ensure a steady income for many families and their members.