Iraq's future on the palm of citizenship
Hamza Mustafa
Everyone is talking about the future of Iraq, and the political process, and the application of the Constitution. But we did not have further clear and clear opposition to it often gets overlap between these calls and believe in it and between fixed concepts in mind. A fixed identity and citizenship Iraq is stable , while the University of the political process can be changed and the Constitution is subject to amendment. But in terms of both conferences or seminars or forums abroad under any title or a banner or meetings at home under any title or banner interferes fixed and variable so completely mingled's fairly difficult to distinguish between black and white. This sharp overlap was and still is a feature of the political process after 2003 and to this day.
Because of this overlap and it can be dragged from a regional or international equations and may entail Astqguaouat of this or that party , we did not Wagners, and it seems that we are, or what one does not want us to Nersu righteousness. It is not reasonable nor logical that this remains the overlap between the opposition and pro - government forces sometimes so difficult to distinguish between opposition and pro. Valmard can become loyal to guarantee the interests or influence or gain. Can a pro turn into the opposite position is not the opposition , because the opposition positive concept in construction, particularly from Democratic political action simply by not agreeing with him on the interests or influence or gains.
Between this and that comes meetings, conferences or seminars at home and abroad that perception often seem ambiguous and it is understandable and sharp endings. The result , which can be drawn from the result is more fragmentation in the attitudes and visions as long as the interference continues in perceptions and attitudes between fixed and variable. If we take the Geneva conference before more than a month for many of the Sunni forces and the recent Turkey, the outputs of the two conferences represent a model for such a sharp overlap between fixed and variable. Valmatmron both in Geneva and Ankara they are all from Sunni forces , despite many differences between the parties were not particularly between one home and abroad a year stressed the unity of Iraq and the need to apply the Constitution as declared in both conferences. This means, according to what they have said, their faith in the current political process , considering that it is the guarantor of the Constitution.
But when you go to what is variable, there are from within the political process, the strongest party in which a blocs, parties and currents Shiite announced its position outright from these meetings as a violation of the constants are not variables. The root cause is the crisis of confidence between the
two parties.
If there was a good level of trust between all parties of what I need it to meetings abroad from Geneva to Turkey and accepted by Oman or elsewhere, but that Baghdad could be the ideal place for such meetings as long as the discussion related Pmaho variable. Faith in Iraq as a homeland for the identity of the citizen and one is the foundation of everything that makes acceptable if under this roof. No one else roof. Otherwise party will remain «been lengthways» and another party «dragging the offer».