Communications tend to activate the electronic payment project
BAGHDAD / Esra Samurai
plans to the Ministry of Communications to run the electronic payment system during the second half of this year to promote e - commerce in the country project.
The Director of the Post and Savings Department of the Ministry Zainab Abdul - Sahib in a statement to «morning»: that her ministry is working to facilitate the payment and e-commerce system through the information network in conjunction with mail and savings departments scattered across the country, noting that the electronic payment will provide postal and financial dealings for all citizens and will allow the possibility of receiving salaries through the postal offices will be working during the second half of this year.
It reported that the project is linked to his work circles E and the Bank of the Iraqi Islamic e - exclusively, noting that the project is similar to his work of government bank branches that have accuracy and safety in the banking, pointing out that the project will enable citizens to receive their salaries through electronic Kartat resembles work (Master Card) or (Visa card).
She drew Abdul - Sahib that e - commerce sites have been active during the last period , such as sites (Amazon) and (IP) and others, which will be expanded to deal with the development of citizen billing, electronic capabilities through e Thrift circle, especially as the electronic payment applicable in all countries of the world system , saying her ministry 's efforts to transfer all the experiences of electronics and technologies to the country , especially projects that have a high accuracy of the safety, reliability and modernity in transactions through the information network.