Al-Anbar Council: return of 85% of the people to their liberated

Monday March 13, 2017-04:54 pm

Anbar Council Member said Mohamed Saleh, hilarious about the return of some 85% of the inhabitants of the liberated areas in the province to displacement, specifically white and wet in Fallujah and leap and modern Western walskrh and gray, except for the devastated areas completely pristine and a block in the center of Ramadi, after service and rehabilitation of water and electricity and sewage projects by the relevant departments and the support of international organizations.

He llmrbed favor to use international organizations and some Arabic countries, particularly Kuwait, which created many schools alkervanih as well as the allocation of donor funds for the Department of bridges and European delegations support provided to Iraq for reconstruction in the province.

Added benefit of that section of the bridges were rehabilitated by security forces in three other bridges were transmitted within the gray to direct reconstruction investment companies in the near future while were allocated more than 90 million dollars from donor countries to rebuild bridges function as well as creating more than 90 schools in the liberated areas.

Regarding the existing districts and about weraoh expect Al-Anbar Council Member start editing after completion of clearing the entire province of Nineveh.
Saleh said that the displacement of those three districts was a lot of hardship because they take off either walk or during the night to escape the terrorists who are preventing their exit towards wetlands down to safe areas where military forces, while suffering from brutal practices remain used by terrorists against them through being forced to pay the livelihoods and their regulatory elements and killing large numbers of them under false pretenses from communicating with security devices.